Little Data

Meet the Little Data Team (aka the big data team)

  • Megan
  • Eugenia
  • Kaoru
  • Noah
  • Arjun
  • Alex
  • Nick

What does the team do?

Team Little Data has a very large mandate and we use “big data” -- we just choose to call ourselves Little Data because we think it’s funny. In reality, we enable Sift’s customers to act and respond to our machine learning insights in real time. This means that we power the front end console, as well as a large automation platform named Workflows. Both of these are pretty fun products to own with a lot of room for growth:

• Allows customers to search all of their users and the reasons we find their users risky in order to identify patterns and trends.
• Visually depicts a user’s account history, telling a clear and coherent story for our customers' analysts about why our machine learning finds a user risky.
• Although not visible to customers, we also build and maintain all the internal and public APIs that power the Console.

Workflows Platform:
• Workflows is an automation platform that allows fraud managers to build and update their fraud processes, essentially all the logic for handling users at each risk level. This gives our customers the power to write and manage their logic in changing fraud conditions without involving engineers.
• Includes a queue service where customers can route risky orders to their fraud team for investigation and decision making.

Our team is a very interdisciplinary team, and includes expertise in distributed back end systems, elegant user experiences, and machine learning.

How does this team work with other teams at Sift?

• We work with the Abuse Products team to turn complex signals and scores into a clear story.
• We work closely with the Data Success team to craft APIs that capture the needs of our customers.

What does an average day on the team look like?

We’re a team that focuses a lot on the customer experience, so there’s a lot of collaboration between engineers, designers and product managers. We talk often enough to keep in sync, but generally try to avoid too many meetings. The vast majority of the day is spent on individual coding, with some time for people working on the same project to work together.

What is the culture like on the team?

The team is diverse in many ways -- frontend and backend engineers, extroverts and introverts, tea drinkers and coffee drinkers, skiers and snowboarders -- you get the idea. We do have some things in common, of course: an excitement about developing fantastic products, a desire for ongoing learning, and of course, a shared love of our team mascot, Dave the Puppy.

Arjun is interested in distributed systems, soccer, and travel. He really likes ice cream, maybe a bit too much. Eugenia enjoys piña coladas, playing video games, eating and watching movies. You can typically find Kaoru programming, snowboarding, mountain biking, playing Magic cards, or eating. He's certain he doesn't pronounce his name correctly. Megan enjoys organizing items and learning new things. Prior to Sift, Megan worked in customer support and product management. Noah loves third wave coffees and mid-shelf bourbons, and can often be found dreaming of biking from one end of Europe to another. Alex lives in Chicago and likes discovering new music and nodding along to functional programming talks that are way over his head. He dreams to one day compete in BattleBots. Nick enjoys being in places where he can't speak the language, and lived overseas for 10 years before returning to the US.


Dropwizard and Java

React, Backbone, Sass, Jasmine, Webpack, and Gulp

iOS and Android SDK






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