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Meet the Data Success Team

  • Brian
  • David
  • Hung
  • Gary
  • Quan
  • Nick

What does the team do?

The lifeline of Sift’s success is the integration that connects it with customers’ systems. Our team builds the tools, APIs and SDKs that make it easy for developers to get the most out of Sift Science. We build the full stack of our Mobile product: native iOS and Android clients to help track user behavior, underlying machine learning support, and visualizations to help tell a compelling story in our Console. For Web, we build sophisticated fingerprinting and tracking tools to help surface fraudsters and nefarious actors. We design and build REST APIs that our customers use to provide the right information to model their unique fraud cases -- which is no small feat with Sift’s diverse customer base. We additionally provide clients in several languages to minimize the barrier to entry to using Sift Science effectively.

How does this team work with other teams at Sift?

We work with the Abuse Products team to refine machine learning for our Mobile customers, as well as to ensure the right data APIs, schemas and signals are available to maximize the accuracy of our modeling.

We work with the Little Data team to design customer-facing APIs that further our vision of creating the best possible platform for creating trust online.

What does an average day on the team look like?

Our team is nimble, compact, and highly efficient. We prefer talking across our desks to formal meetings, and have frequent design syncs and check-ins to keep everybody looped in. The work we do bridges machine learning, APIs, platform, mobile, and console – we're not afraid to dive in and do whatever it takes to ship great products.

What is the culture like on the team?

We're a humble but driven bunch that likes being outdoors, eating good food, and playing with fuzzy animals – preferably at the same time. We take immense pride in building great technology and treating each other well.

Nick enjoys being in places where he can't speak the language, and lived overseas for 10 years before returning to the US. He volunteers with non-profits when he isn't hunting for the best khao soi in San Francisco.

Gary likes Muji, neutral colors, and arriving at well-formed opinions about everything through exhaustive research. He plays lots of musical instruments and hikes up tall mountains.


Dropwizard and Java

React, Backbone, Jasmine and Gulp

iOS and Android SDK






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